English cricket suffers from “widespread and deep-rooted” racism, sexism, elitism and class-based discrimination at all levels of the game and urgently needs reform, a landmark report by the Independent Commission for Equity in Cricket has found.

It has been a bruising week for cricket. But one that we can hopefully look back on as being a watershed moment.

And at HWRCC, we will not rest until we create a fully-inclusive and representative cricket club that is at the heart of our community and example to all others in the game.

In 2021 Hampton Wick Royal Cricket Club adopted its Community and People Plan – with the aim to “be at the heart of the communities and people of Hampton Wick, and to become the most inclusive sports club in London”.

A bold ambition – but one we are determined to achieve.

On Wednesday, Abid Ikram and Jack LeFeuvre spoke to Nick Godwin on BBC Radio London’s Sport Show to discuss the ICEC report.

This approach came off the back of our event last year to highlight our opposition to all forms of racial discrimination.

Abid was asked if clubs like The Wick really needed to be told of the issues.

“The report is really important – but what’s really important is for actions to be taken off the back of it.

“Words are cheap. What must come out of this is actions across all levels of cricket.”

And while we are working hard… there is no chance we will be resting until we reach our aims.

JLF told Nick Godwin: “We recognise as a club we’re far from perfect.

“We have plenty to do in terms of improving to become as fully inclusive as we can be.”

Sahil Kher of Acton CC was also part of the discussion.

“The problems are real and cricket, as well as cricket administrators, need to take a long hard look at how they want to drive change.”


Wick chairman Sam Kemp – commenting after the release of the report – said: “We restate our commitment to be a club truly inclusive and open to all, with renewed vigour.

“We also recognise we have much work still to do in many areas that the Report covers.”