Guidance for Junior members

The Internet is an amazing tool. It opens up so many educational and social opportunities, giving you access to, quite literally, a world of information and experiences. Whilst these technologies provide exciting opportunities, they are accompanied by dangers and negative consequences if abused by users. HWRCC is keen to promote the safe, and responsible, use of communication and interactive communication technologies within cricket. The following guidelines have been put together to ensure the message of safe and responsible use of communication and interactive technologies is understood and are followed within cricket.


  • Do not ask your club coach or manager to be your social networking site friend-they will refuse as that would breach of good practice
  • Use the internet positively and do not place yourself at risk. Have a look at the following websites for some helpful tips : BBC Stay Safe , Think you Know, Kids Smart
  • Consider who you are inviting to be your friend and follow the good advice for the social networking sites to ensure you are talking to the person you believe you are talking to
  • Always remember that anything you say including photos, pictures and video clips posted on your site may be shared with people other than those for whom it was intended.
  • Never post or send any photographs, videos or make comments that may be:
    • Hurtful, untrue and upsetting and you may regret sharing later on
    • May be used by other people in a way you did not intend or want.
  • Do not put pictures of other club members on the site within the club setting as you may breach HWRCC Photography Policy. If you do wish to upload such a picture you must get advice and consent from your parent, the other young person and their parent and a club officer before even considering uploading such a photo. This will not prevent you having pictures of your cricket friends on your site taken outside of the sporting arena but it is good advice to always ensure they and their parents are happy with any picture you have of them on your site.

THINK BEFORE YOU SEND: Social networking sites are a method of communication like letter writing and the spoken word. They are bound by the same laws and rules. Such technology is instant and this allows you as the user to react in the “heat of moment”, where in the past you would have been required to write a letter which would have taken time and allowed for you to think again before sending. So never place a comment on the internet that you would not put in writing or say to the individual concerned as to so may not only breach HWRCC’s policy but also the law.