HWRCC Selection Policy 2023

The Selection Committee

All Saturday sides will be selected by The Selection Committee, which is made up of the Saturday captains and the Chair of the Cricket Committee.

Availability and Selection Process

Teams will be selected on Tuesday evening. Members who want to play should let a member of the Selection Committee know BEFORE Tuesday evening, message/talk to a captain or use the Wick Availability WhatsApp. A message asking for availability will be sent on WhatsApp on Sunday morning for the next weekend.

Selection principles

Selection is all about picking teams to win league matches – and according to these principles:

  1. Picking strongest, most balanced sides possible
  2. Prioritising 1st XI over 2nd XI, and so on, unless there are promotion or relegation issues
  3. Form, availability, training attendance will be looked at – as well as adherence to club policies and the Player Match Day Code of Conduct
  4. Promoting youth development to improve the strength of the club now and in the future

All friendly teams (Saturday, Sunday, midweek) will be selected to make sure all playing members are getting a game each week. Youth development and rewarding those available in previous weeks will also be key.

Captains are always available to chat with individual members if there are any problems.

Managing disputes

If you’re unhappy with any selection call, you’re entitled to an explanation from the Selection Committee. However, please put the needs of the club before your own and stick with the decision for that weekend. This will make sure disruption across all teams is minimised.

HWRCC Match Day Code of Conduct

 Purpose of the Code of Conduct

As a club we aim to offer competitive and social cricket to members. We want to win matches; playing hard competitive cricket as a team. Being well prepared for fixtures is key to this.

Match Day Code of Conduct

  1. Players to arrive at the ground for pre-match warm up at a time set by the skipper
    1. For 1s and 2s fixtures this will be 75 minutes before the start of the match
    2. For 3s and 4s and 5s fixtures this will be 45-60 minutes before the start of the match
  2. Players will be ready to play the match. The skipper should be told about any injuries or issues BEFORE the match, so selection can be changed if necessary
  3. Club kit, shirt and any head-gear, is worn for all fixtures
  4. All players must respect the values of cricket and behave appropriately
  5. The spirit of cricket is at the core of how our leagues sides play the game