The Selection Committee

All Saturday sides will be selected by The Selection Committee, which will comprise all relevant Saturday
captains (or a nominated representative) and an independent Selection Officer. The Chairman of the Cricket
Committee will be involved when requested.


It is the primary responsibility of playing members to make him/her available for selection. The Selection
Committee will not be held responsible for not selecting a player who has failed to make/confirm his/her
availability in time for selection.

Selection principles

All Saturday teams will be selected according to the following principles:

  1. Player eligibility for all XIs as selected, payment of subs, known availability and consistency of availability,
    along with adherence to the Player Match Day Code of Conduct.
  2. Demonstration of respect for the club, their teammates and the game (including adherence to the
    ‘’HWRCC Code of Conduct’’).
  3. Suitable consideration of individual ability, fitness, form and performance.
  4. Prioritise the 1XI over 2XI, and so forth downwards, unless promotion or relegation issues dictate
    sufficiently otherwise whilst following league playing conditions.
  5. To promote youth development to serve the current and future playing strength of the club, including
    identifying player pathways through teams for junior members.
  6. To give fair and equal opportunity across all teams to perform by endeavouring to select four wellbalanced sides at all times, whilst accepting item 4 above.
  7. To be consistent in rationale for selection decisions taken, and provide justification, where requested, to
    individuals on selection decisions.
  8. To ensure all players are given a fair opportunity to play based on their skills and desires.
  9. To ensure on-pitch success is rewarded with opportunities and poor performance is managed fairly.
  10. ‘Consistency of availability’ in clause 1 will acknowledge that some players are only available for part of
    the season due to University or other educational commitments.

All Sunday teams will be selected to the basis of ensuring all playing members have access to cricket every
weekend, alongside youth development and rewarding those available in previous weeks.

Selection process

The Selection Committee will aim to abide by the HWRCC Selection Policy 2019; but reserve the right to amend
procedures in light of circumstance. In such instance they will be accountable to the full HWRCC Management
Committee should any disputes arise.

Selection for Saturday fixtures will take place during the week. All members must communicate their
availability with the Selection Committee. Sunday sides will be selected by the Sunday captain after the
Saturday sides have been selected, with players informed accordingly. Midweek sides will be selected on

Should availability change post-selection, the individual player should make this known to a suitable officer
from the club asap. The Selection Committee will make arrangements to fill the position, adhering where
possible to the selection principles identified.

Managing disputes

As a Club we welcome the active involvement and engagement of its players in decisions. Should you be
unhappy with any selection decisions taken, you are entitled to an explanation from the Selection Committee.
However we request, where possible, that you put the needs of the needs of the Club before your own, and
agree to abide by the decision for that weekend. This is to ensure disruption across all teams is minimised.

Purpose of the Code of Conduct

As a club we aim to offer competitive and social cricket to members.

Our competitive teams are striving to win matches; playing hard competitive cricket as a team. Being well
prepared for competitive fixtures is a key component of performance.

Match Day Code of Conduct

  1. Players to arrive at the ground for pre-match warm up at the time communicated by the skipper
    1. For 1s and 2s fixtures this will be 75 minutes before the start of the match
    2. For 3s and 4s fixtures this will be 45-60 minutes before the start of the match.
  2. Players will be ready to play the match; any injuries or other issues that will impact performance to be
    communicated to the skipper BEFORE the match, so that team selection can be changed if necessary.
  3. Club kit, shirt and any head-gear, is worn for all fixtures.
  4. All players must respect the values of cricket and behave accordingly.
  5. The spirit of cricket is at the core of how our leagues sides play cricket.

Covid-19 Guidelines

  • Now that we have resumed cricket it is essential that all adult members of Hampton Wick Royal Cricket Club adhere to Government, ECB and HWRCC guidance around Covid-19.
  • Government guidelines can be found here:
  • ECB guidelines can be found here: ECB Covid-19, with supplementary quick view guides here and here.
  • Support for umpires and scorers can be found here and here.
  • Guidelines from the club have been circulated via email and signage/information posters are present around the clubhouse.
  • It is vital that members adhere to these policies or risk invalidating their membership rights and therefore opportunities for selection and involvement in matches.
  • It is also important to remember to adhere to isolation/quarantine requirements if coming into contact with those with Covid-19 or returning from an overseas destination listed by the UK government.
  • Full safeguarding measures have been taken by club officials in regards to our reopening. These can be found here: Covid-19 Risk assessment