Calling all Wick members and friends…

You’ve all been so generous with your money as we look to get sport back at The Wick.

Now we are asking for your time and skills to help with our Crowdfunder application to Sport England for match funding.

If we raise £20,000 we stand to be awarded £10,000 in match funding. However, we need to offer rewards for those pledging money.

Do you have a service or a skill you can provide in exchange for a donation?

Can you offer a discount if someone pledges some cash to The Wick?

Thanks to Jon Pickles who has kindly offered to chauffeur pledgers to their wedding/party or prom in his 1955 Rolls Royce – for a hefty sum.

So, tree surgeons, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, gardeners let’s be ‘avin’ you!

If you can help us by offering your time and skills just for a few hours, please contact our fundraising team by emailing

Below is a link showing the rewards offered by a previous crowdfunding page: