Ian Collier and Robbie Oliver running Hampton Court half marathon to raise money for the Wick

The victorious duo celebrate tour win in Barbados

A few years ago the mere thought of Donald Trump becoming the US President would have seen you locked up in a loony bin. You’d be mocked for suggesting Boris would be PM or we would leave the European Union. And you would be a national pariah for even hinting that Harry Copeland would be HWRCC’s 1st XI captain.

But perhaps more unlikely would be Robbie Oliver and Ian Collier joining forces to take on the marathon task – well half – of running 21.1km around Kingston.

But still – it’s happening.

The Wick has been a major part of our lives for many years – and our club has grand plans for the future.

So, we wanted to do our bit by raising as much cash as possible for our club – and in the process we’ll be getting fit to do our bit on the pitch for the 2020 season.

We will post regular updates as our training progresses.

Up the Wick!

Please give generously!