1st XI destroy second place Cheam to keep the dream alive..

Date: 10/08/2019
Opposition: Cheam
Venue: HQ
Man of the match: C Bate
Prat of the match: M Wood (Running himself out)
Ladies and gents its a rhyme,
Could be funny from time to time,
This is the report,
Session is in court,
I do suggest corona and lime.
Almighty ones home against Cheam,
They’re good but they are no Wick team,
We gave them a smash,
Then got on the lash,
It could have all been a great dream.
There was a young man called Ollie,
When bowling sweet as a lolly,
Took not two but three,
Off 8 overs he,
Is much greater than our friend Colly.
There was a young man called C Bate,
Who’s cricketing skills I do rate,
Gun batsman hell yes,
But bowling much less,
Sixty not out it was great.
There was a young man called the Raf,
Sent a great ball down twas a jaff,
A head high full toss,
It came at a cost,
Removed from the game it was naff.
There was an old man called the Prince,
Debuted and has smashed the wick since,
Two more from this gun,
Takes wickets for fun,
Bowls vastly better than our pal Lints.
There was a young man called the Fitz,
A posh boy who stays at the Ritz,
Bowls absolute smoke,
2-fa for this bloke,
But still he does give some the shitz.
There was a young man called the Blob,
Who with the ball he does do the job,
One single wicket,
The batsmen can’t pick it,
But still no runs he does sob.
There was a young man called KK,
Got talent he can seriously play,
Another strong start,
But then a brain fart,
In the middle he seldom does stay.
There was a young man called Mikey,
He bloody well could be a pikey,
Tall as a big crane,
Was DoD for this game,
For not getting on his bikey.
There was an old man called Clemmo,
Is class with the bat it’s a demo,
His runs are just gold,
He is just too old,
They obviously failed with that memo.
There was a young man M P G,
He keeps with aplomb it’s a glee,
A few leg side byes,
Stopped eating the pies,
The gloveman I wish I could be.
There was a young man called Harry,
The skipper the girls want to marry,
Didn’t do much,
But not out of touch,
With this team we very much carry.
So ladies and gents that’s your ones,
As you can see it is full of guns,
We find ourselves fourth,
But want to head north,
On the back of several more tons.
Thank you for spending a min,
Spent better with beer wine or gin,
It’s Cobham next week,
For them will be bleak,
As we leave their turf with a win.