Name of Club/Venue:
Hampton Wick Royal Cricket Club

Name of Risk Assessor:
Zubair Ahmed

Date of Risk Assessment:
09 July 2020


What are
Who might be
Controls Required Additional Controls Action by
Action by
Spread of
Staff, members,
players and visitors to
the club.
Vulnerable groups –
Elderly, Pregnant
workers, those with
existing underlying
health conditions.
Anyone else who
physically comes in
contact with other
people in relation to
your business
All activity to adhere to ECB
guidance and the Government
guidance regarding health, social
distancing and hygiene.
Identification of ‘risk areas’ and
ensuring appropriate measures are in
place. The following areas have been
considered specifically for this risk
 Club house
 Toilets (inside the club
 Changing rooms
 Playing fields
 Storage facilities
To help reduce the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) reminding everyone of the
public health advice -
publicContinue to monitor government
guidance and public health advice.Clear communication to the members of the protocols to be maintained if permission is granted by Royal Parks Distribution of ECB guidelines regarding returning to cricket to all playing members.Advise members not to attend if they are unwell. All participants should be encouraged to
report any infection of their household to the NHS Test and Trace system following use of the facility to limit the spread of the virus.
Graeme Tong
09 July Done
As above As above

Club house

Entry and exit from the club house
Serving beverages to members
Sitting area

Entry to the club house should be limited to members of staff and club members wanting to use toilets. The access to first
floor should be locked. Beverages may be served inside the club house. Tables should be placed at 2 meters apart and conform to the guidelines published by No teas should be served by the Club.
Members should be advised to bring their own tea/drinks. Create a one-way system for access to
toilets. Members of staff should wear gloves and face covering, if required, while serving.Have additional members of staff or
volunteers to ensure social distancing is maintained by members. Make hand sanitizers available for members to use.Put up appropriate signage
Emma Bevan
25 June Done
As above As above


Number of toilets available
Access to toilets
Additional requirements for toilets

Only two toilets should be made
available during this time (one male and one female). A third toilet may be made available for use if following conditions are met and it is feasible.There should be a one-way system
established for members to use the toilet. Only 1 person in the toilet at any time. Maximum two people should be allowed
to wait inside the club house for using the toilets and these positions should be clearly marked. Doors leading to the
toilet should be kept open to avoid touching.
Provide additional wipes for user to wipe down toilet door handles etc. Members should be advised regarding this.
Toilet should be checked regularly to ensure there is adequate soap, hand
sanitizers, wipes, paper etc. No members should be allowed to use the toilet while checks or cleaning is in progress.
Emma Bevan
25 June Done
As above As above Changing rooms

Access to changing rooms
Storage of kit bags

Changing rooms and shower facilities should remain closed at this time. It should only be used for accessing the toilets.
Kit bags should not be stored in the changing rooms
Appropriate signage advising players should be put up
11 July Done
As above As above Playing fields

Access to playing fields
Access to equipment
Social distancing and hygiene during
and after matches

Members should be encouraged to use public transportation to/from the club where possible. They should be advised to use the Church Grove entry/exit
points for any matches played in Kings
Field or Rose Cottage.
Access to ground equipment (stumps, bails, boundary markers) should be
available only to match managers and
The Kings Field storage facility should not be used for changing or storing kit bags.
Hand sanitisers and anti-bacterial wipes should be made readily available at all
playing fields.
Advise players to arrive early and already changed. They should remain socially
distanced while preparing for the match.
11-a-side cricket can be played as long as groups are limited to a maximum of 30 participants, including coaches, officials,
Club representatives should make all participants aware of expected social distancing and hygiene measures during
play and whilst on site.
ECB’s in-game adaptations applying to social distancing measures, hygiene,match officials and the use of equipment should be followed. This includes using hand-sanitisers on arrival, during play
and post play. This includes using hand sanitisers every six overs or 20 mins,
maintaining social distancing while running between the wicket, cleaningbat surface and keeping gloves with anti-bacterial wipes when leaving field of play etc. More information can be found
Temporary record of all participants in any cricket activity should be kept for 21
days to support NHS Test and Trace requests.
All common equipment used during the match should be wiped with anti-
bacterial material between innings and after the match. This includes scorebook(s) and digital scoreboard console, manual scoreboards.
All participants should sanitise their hands after the completion of activity.
Participants should exit whilst
maintaining social distancing.
Graeme Tong
captains and
Ongoing Ongoing

This resource provides guidance and does not constitute formal professional advice. It is to be used as a guide only to help develop a risk assessment suitable for your club linked to COVID-19 and must be amended according to the correct Government advice and restrictions at the time, which will constantly be amended and updated. It is also recommended you keep up to date with ECB advice which will be posted on our website and our social media channels.