Temporary Net Usage

Following government and ECB guidance on the use of outdoor sports facilities the Club’s net facility are available to current HWRCC club members on a pre booked basis only.

It is critical that members follow current safety guidelines issued by the Government.

PLEASE NOTE: Government 'rule of six' applies to all casual net practice. 

Net Booking Details

  • Only members can use the nets.
  • We will implement a first come, first serve booking system – see below for process.
  • Each booking will access the entire net – there is no sharing of the net
  • Please observe all Government and ECB guidelines, particularly with the 'rule of six'.
  • Nets will be available 8am to 8pm, 7 days a week.
  • Members / households can book one session in advance at a time.
  • Sessions are 60 minutes in length – allowing a ten minute clear period before the next session. Please leave after 50 minutes.
  • The ten minute window at the end of the session before the next booking will allow for effective social distancing.
  • Please do not turn up to the nets expecting to use them without making a booking. There will be no use of the nets without a booking.
  • The net will have a combination lock, the hiring member will be issued the lock number – this combination will be changed weekly.
  • Hiring member must enter net and then close the gate, to ensure no other can enter to use net at same time. If anyone else wishes to enter, please refuse entry and refer them to the booking page on the website.
  • It is the hiring member’s responsibility to lock up the net after usage.
    Please use common sense, for example if it is raining do not use – please rebook
  • The clubhouse remains closed and cannot be accessed.
  • There is no parking available, the entrance road will remain closed - so members will have to walk or cycle to the club.
  • Those under 16 must be supervised by an adult from their own household and adhere to net safety protocols including using protective equipment. If in doubt please do not book the net
  • For 1-2-1 sessions between juniors who are U16 both supervising adults are to remain onsite at all times and should distance themselves from each other. No parent or guardian can delegate responsibility for their child to an adult from a different household.
  • The club reserves the right to refuse a booking.
  • No studs / spikes may be worn in the nets.
  • Only standard cricket equipment can be used in the nets, no footballs, rugby balls, golf balls for example
  • Full protective equipment is required if using a hard ball
  • U10s and below are advised to use soft balls and correct protective equipment


Conditions of use

  • Usage of the net is contingent upon the hirer/member agreeing full personal responsibility for the safety and welfare of their family / household and themselves.
  • The club accepts no liability for personal injury whilst members / their family use the nets during this time.
  • The club accepts no liability if a member injures another member.
  • The member will be personally liable for any damage to the net resulting from the booking.
  • A member must agree to these conditions to complete a booking.
  • You are responsible for adhering to Government safety requirements for yourself and family not the club.
  • No bowling machines are to be used

Personal Hygiene

  • Hand sanitiser will be available in the net please use on entry and exit
  • Wipe down stumps at end of your session with wipes provided and bin waste


  • One advance booking per member can be made for anytime in the next 4 weeks
  • To make a booking:
  1. Consult the following calendar for available slots (must be logged in to google, via chrome)
  2. Using your google account, reserve appointment.
  3. Please include names of those attending in the description.
  4. If unable to attend, please cancel the appointment via your google calendar.
  • A single booking will be confirmed in an email along with the lock combination
  • The booking email will confirm guidelines for use and your personal liability
  • After your first booking, you may book your next session when your current slot is complete.
  • There is no charge to book the net at present
  • Please do not book unless you intend to use the net.

Please use common sense and refer to Government guidelines re personal safety, if in doubt please remain at home

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